Artists & Affiliates

Below you’ll find the artists we work with, along with a description of who they are and what they hope to achieve. This page will update as more of our affiliated artists are brought on board.

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bella Jaimie

After attending school and starting her acting career on the East Coast, Isabella moved out to Los Angeles to write and star in productions, as well as style her characters. She has an affinity for horror and social change, and works on projects that meld  the two. Outside of acting and writing, Isabella has been the driving force preparing our pitch decks, look books, and posters.

A former project manager, Kevin is now a reliable Assistant Director and Producer. His previous field prepared him for both stress and time management needed on set. With Kevin’s help, TTW’s projects have been budgeted in a manageable way for investors, and livable wages for creatives.


Kevin Matthew Keeling

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Ruth Gutierrez

After studying economics and accounting at Fordham, Ruth went on to build her skills in style, interior design, and real estate. She has found a passion for producing and has lent her expertise to international, award-winning music videos and short films. She has worked as a consulting producer when filming in Spanish speaking countries. 

With years in quality control, Gerry brings safety and science to every set. His resourcefulness has been key in securing locations, building out sets, and forging a solid crew. All these skills make him a ideal producer for our projects. 

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Gerry Gutierrez

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Lead by Melissa Tracy, this production company coordinates stunts and fight choreography. 

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A travel company we’ve been able to partner with to handle all accommodations for our shoots.

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A Los Angeles based Production Company. Telling captivating stories, taking the scenic route.

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A travel company we’ve been able to partner with to handle all accommodations for our shoots.

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An LA production company and post house composed of a tight knit team of inventive professionals from across the media and production space.

Check back soon for more.